What is CyberWebPAGE?


By Yamin Ismail

updated over 1 year ago

CyberWebPAGE is a landing page (web page) where people are sent when they click on a link in an ad or promotion on your website or elsewhere online. It is a standalone webpage created to accomplish the specific goal of each campaign to either sell, generate leads or build business relationships.

Your CyberWebPAGE will consist of 5 sections:

  1. Header: Consists of your logo or any branding banner.
  2. About: A brief summary of what you or your company is about.
  3. Services: You may mention your core services here.
  4. Portfolio: You may display your projects or any relevant images in this section.
  5. Contact: The form is interactive and upon filling it should send message to your inbox.

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